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ZETA’S CARE The yarn that brings together beauty and well-being

After thorough and specialized in the physiotherapeutic field we are proud to resent Drenny, a line of therapeutic stocking and tights from Calzificio Zeta.
This line of stockings and tights was specifically created to massage and relax legs without forgetting the importance of elegance, combining the therapeutic action of Gradual compression with the needs of fashion.

Thanks to their continuous micromassage motion, Drenny stockings and tights take part in a positive manner in treating all problems regarding vascular phatologies, favoring blood circulation in the tissues and preventing, by choosing the specific compression value, the formation of varicose veins and cellulitis.
Costant and gradual compression, that decreases from the ankle to the knee and progresses towards the thigh, gives these stockings relaxing properties making them the perfect solution for easing the sensation of weariness, heaviness and swelling, without forgetting their prevention action related to leg circulatory and vascular system problems.

Drenny stockings and tights are ideal non only for old age and pathological problems, but also for treating the sensation of heaviness, tingling and swelling typical in women, that for work or for habit, spend most of their time on their feet.
Because of their massaging and relaxing action they can also be considered a valid professional help for women that do specific jobs like nurses, shop assistants, policewomen and so on.

Drenny stockings and tights by Calzificio Zeta are made out of first class materials that guarantee the best product quality, resistance and durability of the gradual compression action.
The maximum attention given to the details and the accurate finishings, and the manual and methodical control of every single stocking before the sale, make it possible to produce a wide range of great quality articles perfect for any occasion.

All the articles in the line of Drenny stockings and tights are available in every size, with specific gussets that make them easy to wear and comfortable, even for the larger sizes.
The reduced reciprocated heel, a must in a gradual compression product, not only makes it easier to wear, but it also eliminates the annoying wrinkles underneath the foot.
All these qualities are a result of the long time experience that the Calzificio Zeta has acquired along the years, and that still today enhances the value of handmade products.

The different weight of the weaving, available from 40 den to 140 den, sheer, with smooth or honeycomb weaving, offer the opportunity to dress with elegance a stocking wich performs a continuous beneficial treatment, at the same time pleasant and pratical to wear.
From Zeta’s constant eagermess and attention come products always realized with double covered Lycra yarns by DuPont, for any desidered level of control, stockings with graduated and anatomic supports with special tops and retaining body belts for pregnant women and other large size individuals: they are also very effective when it comes to slimming the body figure with a reducing and modelling effect that covers leg and glutaei aesthetics problems.

Zeta’s products, with their preventive and therapeutic action, are all certificate and recommended from sinal medical-scientific laboratoires.


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